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To request membership (password to  submit other write-ups once you’ve ‘done’ a trail) write to dr.slowride@yahoo.com .  You might also like to join the G-Had on Hashspace: http://hashspace.ning.com/group/ghadhhh

The G-Had Hash House Harriers have existed longer than its founder has been a hasher: in the prehashing days, he sabotaged trails for sport in Athens Georgia.

Later, the Amsterdam Hash annoyed him by having a trail that went less than 100 meters and he issued a fatwa against them, fouling 16 trails in the remaining 18 months of his tenure in the precincts.

Bike Hashing is an abomination and the Tucson Pedalfiles Hash have been past targets, as well.

The GH4, however, was finally formed officially in 2013 primarily as a response to prelaid trails.  At this writing (19 June 2013 10 July 2015), the effort is 10 61 Hashes along and will continue and hopefully propagate until all trails are live.  Read the original treatise, here.  Gispert be praised, all mercies on him.


Posted June 20, 2013 by Drunken Bunny

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